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How To Build Stage Light Frame With Aluminum Alloy Truss

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The aluminum alloy tube truss needs to cooperate with the base, square sleeve, cross arm, square head, gourd and other accessories in the construction stage. Put the upright post up first, then assemble the crossbeam below, and then hang up the beam by hand, and hang all kinds of lights and sound equipment on it.

Method steps for setting stage booth for aluminum alloy lighting frame:

1. Put four bases on the ground roughly, and adjust the lower leg to make it in a horizontal plane;

2. The lateral insertion of the base on the base of the four corners shall be inserted into the bottom part of the base, with 2 roots in each corner, totaling 8 pieces;

3. Fix the head with screws on the base, and notice that the rotation direction of the reverse head should be consistent with the mark in the figure;

4. Set the square on the head;

5. Connect the beams to the ground;

6. Connect the two sides of the beam and the two sides of each side, so that the beam part is assembled on the ground.

7, the column tube truss on your connection is good, then put one end on the head and the other end of the screw on the cross arm, at the same time hang bottle gourd and cross arm link is good, the role of the hoist is used to enhance the beam tube truss below;

8. With a lot of people, put the upright post truss slowly up, and be careful not to push too much into the column, and then fix the screws on the head.

9. After the upright column is raised, hang the hook under the hoist with the hook through the sling.

10. 4 people slowly pull the hoist and hoist the hoist to the left and right side of the head;

11. Install lighting and sound equipment on the beam;

12. 4 people pull the hoist to the predetermined height.

13. Tighten one end of the diagonal support and the upright post, and the other end and the support of the base shall be tightened so that the gantry frame is completed.

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