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Meet XinYuan Music Festival

- Jun 12, 2018 -

Life is more than just an embarrassment

There are distant places and music

Enduring long-lasting national wind

Drunk to see the deep rhyme of flowers

Writing life as pure music

The shock of heavy metal rock music

Dream of immortality

There is always a place for you

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This time, EV bloomed at the "Meet" Xinyuan Music Festival

Using the tried and tested voice to arouse the deep resonance in your heart


"Meet" Xinyuan Music Festival

The first "2018 Baidu Ruizhi Banner 'Meet' Xinyuan Music Festival" sponsored by Baidu Ruiqi was held on June 2 in the famous Xinyuan City of Zhengzhou. The festival is divided into two major themes: "Meet rock" and "create youth". There are full seats on the scene, and the average daily flow breaks 20,000 times, including the fashion love song goddess Ji Keyi, the idol day group Nanquan mom, and the shake music net singer. Li Yuanjie, rock and roll cosmic negative relativism band and other heavyweights attended.

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This big outdoor concert stage is made up by aluminum crowd control barriers, event aluminum stage, cable protector ramp, aluminum truss roof systems, layer truss system, LED screen, moving head light, line array speaker, and so on.

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