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Mobile Stage For Temporary Hotel Or Party Event Used

- Aug 09, 2018 -

The mobile stage (regular unit size is 1.22m by 2.44m and 1.83m by 2.44m, the height is 0.41m to 0.61m or 0.61m to 0.81m), the small stage net weighs about 120 kg/piece, and the large stage weighs about 160KG/piece.

mobile stage.jpg

Mobile stage details

A. The surface is made of 5mm fireproof fiber carpet; (there are many colors to choose from)

B. The countertop is made of imported 18mm dry plywood (A grade high hardness full splint);

C. The 1.6mm profile is used on the side of the bread.

Stage bracket

A. The table frame is made of 50*50*5 angle steel.

B. The metal frame is completely rust-proofed, then sprayed, and then electrostatically sprayed for durability.

C. The main body bracket is 30*30*1.5 square steel; the gantry has accessories to make the gantry lock, which is convenient for users to change.

D. The movable connecting piece is made of 5mm flat steel.

Mobile stage surface treatment

A. Degreasing and degreasing treatment (to make the surface of the steel pipe oily, impurities fall off

B. steel phosphating treatment (to the surface of the steel pipe to form a rust layer, increase the surface paint strength).

C. The surface is sprayed and baked at high temperature. The load-bearing capacity of the stage is 2.5T/sheet (counter), and its load-bearing capacity is mainly supported by the iron frame at the bottom of the mobile stage (every 30CM has a tube on the bottom support). It is fully capable of withstanding many people living on the stage frequently jump.

folding stage.jpgmobile stage factory.jpgrunway stage.jpg

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