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Opening Of The 2018 Lobster Festival (bolt Truss)

- Jul 05, 2018 -

In June, Huai'an has a good scenery, and the lobster is fragrant. On the evening of June 20th, the 18th China· Jin Cheng International Lobster Festival “Thanks for Huai'an Thank you,” the Jinyuan Square Literary Gala and the Thousand People Lobster Banquet were held in the South Square of Huai'an International Photography Museum.

 event stage (1).png

event stage (2).png

This lobster festival lasted for 10 days since its grand opening on June 12th. With the theme of “Tasteful Lobster Festival, Struggling for Green”, it highlights the times, innovations and masses, and strives to create “Shrimp Manduliang” 25 kinds of special activities in the three major sections of the “Good Road, Fragrance and Fragrance”, strive to achieve high quality of industry development, lead the way with high quality and high quality of external cooperation, and open a new chapter in the transformation and development of lobster festivals.

 stage event truss (3).png

On the morning of the same day, the wonderful performance of "Dongliang Song", "like the Buddha", was performed by "Let's Start Again", "Chinese Rhyme", "Siluyuan", "Jianghuai", "Future" The five themes of the Wind are composed of more modern art forms, which will present the past, present and future of the YuTai, and get a good public.


At the night falls, with the scent of crayfish in the city, the most popular "Large-looking large-scale literary evening" is sung every year. This year, the party scene was even more star-studded. Wang Feng, Deng Ziqi, Cai Jianya, Ren Xianqi, Power Train, Grasshopper Band, Chen Yiru, Su Dawei, Wang Wei and other stars shared an unforgettable experience with more than 30,000 spectators. night.

 stage truss system.png

stage event truss (1).png

The whole party event is full of passion and highlights. When the crayfish meets the big star, this performance is not just a simple audio-visual feast, but a [sensitive word] large-scale literary evening featuring the characteristics, the 18th The China·Yutai International Lobster Festival has reached a climax.


This big outdoor event stage is made up by bolt truss, circular truss, stage barriers, layer truss, moving head light, LED screen, cable ramp cover,flight case,microphone, and so on.

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