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Pablo Alborán Prometheu 2018 Tour Montevideo Station, Truss Rigging

- Jul 19, 2018 -

Spanish singer Pablo Alboran held the "Prometheu 2018 Tour Concert" in Montevideo, Uruguay. The performance was held at the summer theatre "Ramón Collazo", and the location and architectural style of the theatre is one of the city's famous performance venues.

aluminum rigging.jpg

Montevideo is one of the sub-stations of the Pablo Alboran “Prometheu 2018 Tour”. Since February this year, the tour has been held many times in Latin America and Spain. Since there are a large number of followers in Spanish-speaking countries, this tour is one of the popular tours of the Spanish music scene.

Lynx Pro Audio thanks the Gánzua CPMU team for their design and assembly of the stage sound system. Juan Lujambio is an engineer in the stage sound system.


This outdoor concert stage is made up by truss rigging, crowd barricade, cable ramp, assembly stage, moving head light, line array speaker, and so on.


In order to let the audience feel the shock of music, the sound system is mainly built with LYNX LX series line array speakers with built-in DSP processor. It can be used in concert halls, auditoriums, stadiums, stadiums and large outdoor activities.

truss rigging.jpg

The “Ramón Collazo” theatre has two advantages that make it an ideal venue for its performance: its architectural form can see the stage from multiple locations, while the conical stage provides a large acoustic space.

On the show, Pablo Alborán sang the song of his fourth album, Promitto, which went on sale on November 17. Since the last tour was three years apart, "Promisto 2018" has had a big impact.

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