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Shandong Asian Beer Festival Tent Truss

- Oct 23, 2018 -

The 2018 Shandong Asian Beer Festival held a grand opening ceremony with the theme of “Cheers, Chinese Qishi City”. During the event, the grand world tour lady and the glamorous ambassador of Yinguang Wenlv were also selected, and seven days of literary performances were held. Zero-band and other famous bands and artists from around the world helped the audience to use TD Tanglong Taiji. The sound reinforcement system has attracted nearly 100,000 visitors. The atmosphere of the event was warm and the scale was grand. It was a cultural tourism event with high specifications, professionalism and influence.

 Beer festival

During the Oktoberfest event, cultural performances and events of different themes will be held every day. At that time, international bands, domestic artists gathered, large-scale cultural performances at the opening ceremony, fireworks show, Miss Beer selection, folk songs, rock specials, net red concerts,tent truss, beer competitions, vibrato challenges and other activities will be staged for beer. The festival has boosted the momentum. In addition, the venue also set up a variety of special foods and local famous food, convenient for tourists to match beer, open the "carnival on the tip of the tongue."

beer event

 event stage truss

event stage system

concert stage truss

show stage

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