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Stage Lighting And Function Introduction

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Stage classification

For example, stage and audience: frame type and open type;

1. Frame type: this stage has a stage frame, and the basic features are the stage entrance, which divides the venue (stage) and the auditorium into two different regions.

2. Open stage: this stage does not have a stage frame, and the stage and auditorium are in a space. According to the distribution of the stage and the auditorium, it is divided into: central, outstretched, terminal and multifunctional.

Common lamps and characteristics.

1. Spotlight: it is one of the main lamps used in stage lighting. At present, the market is 1KW and 2KW, which is widely used in 2KW. It radiation light, intensity contour edge is clear, can highlight a local, also can magnify light spot lighting area, as a stage the main light source, commonly used in surface light, a slap in the face, side light and other light.

2. Soft light: the light is soft and well-proported, which can highlight a certain part, but also has no hard light spot, so that it can be connected with several lights, and the common ones are 0.3KW, 1KW, 2KW, etc. It is mainly used for the close optical position of column light and flowing light.

3, back light: it is a kind of reflection type lamps and lanterns, its characteristic is light quality, high intensity of illumination and range far, is an economic and efficient floodlights, common main have 0.5 KW, 1 KW, 2 KW, etc., with 2 KW.

4, diffused light: the light is diffuse, say, the projection area is large, divided into days of astigmatism and astigmatism, common are 0.5 KW, 1 KW, 1.25 KW, 2 KW, etc., more than for a canopy light, also can be used in the theatre stage lighting.

5. Modeling lamp: the principle is between the lamp and the spotlights. It is a special kind of lamp, which is mainly used for the shape projection of characters and scenery.

6. Foot light (also known as light) : the light is soft and has a wide area. It is mainly used as the middle view, netscape cloth, cloth color, also can be at the station position auxiliary surface light illumination.

7. Light pillar lamp (also known as tube lamp) : it is widely used at present, such as PAR46 and PAR64. It can be used for the lighting of both characters and scenery, and can be directly installed on the stage, exposed to the audience, forming a light array, and playing the dual role of stage decoration and lighting.

8. Projection lantern and canopy effect light: the whole picture can be formed on the stage, and various special effects, such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity, water, fire, smoke, cloud, etc.

9, this is a kind of controlled by DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signals intelligence lamps and lanterns, the light color, light, intensity of illumination is superior to the above general lamps and lanterns is in recent years, developed a kind of intelligent lamps and lanterns, often installed on the surface light, top light, stage after the steps such as position, color, shape of its operation, figure, etc all can run the program. Due to different power sizes, there is a difference in use on the stage. General small power computer lamp, only suitable for ballroom use. On stage small power computer lamp light, light spot is often talked about by stage spot spot spotlight, return light, so should pay special attention to choose.

10. Spotlights: lights of stage lighting, characterized by high brightness, using lens imaging, can present clear spots, by adjusting the focal length, and can change the light spot. Have active light bar, can easily change color, the light body can operate freely. Varieties of the market at present is more, labeling index method is different also, on the basis of the power of such as: 1 kw tungsten halogen light source, 1 kw dysprosium illuminant, 1 kw metal halide light source, 2 kw metal halide light source, etc., there are also on the basis of distance of follow spot (light intensity, intensity of illumination) under a specific distance, follow spot such as 8 to 10 m, 15 to 30 m follow spot, 30 to 50 m follow spot, 50-80 - m follow spot, etc., and on the function is divided into: mechanical follow spot, its focus, diaphragm, color change are all done manually; Another kind is the computer to pursue the lamp, its focus, the light bar, change color, adjust the color temperature all through push-pull electric appliance and automatic complete, so must be used in the choice of all kinds of indicators to choose carefully.

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