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Taihu Lake Midi Music Carnival

- May 28, 2018 -

                        Taihu Lake Midi struck strong, uninterrupted music carnival wonderful bloom

During the May 1 holiday, the 2018 China Taihu Lake Mickey Music Festival was successfully held in the Wudi District, Wudu District, Suzhou City. The beautiful lake Taihu Lake was opened to the fans of music from all over the country. Music feast!

The Taihu Lake Midi Music Festival was elaborately built over several years. Today, the Taihu Lake's Midi Camp has become the home of scattered Midi players. As an important gathering place for the Midi, every May, the fans trekk around. When I returned, I only saw three characters "go home" standing in front of the camp.

As a flag of Chinese rock music, Midi has a strong appeal for Chinese young people's thoughts and actions. In addition to the consistently high-quality music enjoyment, this year's music festival has also become a major highlight of this festival. As the only charity cooperative organization of MIDI in 2018, the charity organization “GoalBlue is blue” takes this music festival as an opportunity, with the theme of “refusing plastic lunch boxes”. It cordially invites all music-loving small partners to walk on the road to environmental protection.

The scene of the festival is divided into four stages: “Tang”, “Sacred Warring States”, “Clean”, and “Having”. The main stage “Don” stage shows classic rock, the “Warring States” stage performs heavy metal elements, and the “Clear” stage is The home of the young band, the "beauty fan" stage is the venue for the children's band.



All four stages use sound reinforcement systems. More than 200 loudspeakers provide zero noise to nearly 100,000 fans.



These stage systems consist of saddle roof truss systems, assembly event stage deck, cable ramps, aluminum crowd barrier, layer truss, line array speaker, sound, and so on.

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