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The Advantages And Quality Of Aluminum Alloy Truss Are Key

- Apr 19, 2018 -

There are no strangers to trusses, and there are trusses in various fields such as stage building, roof frame and satellite launch tower. Trusses are common in our life, and the aluminum truss is one of the more advantageous trusses, and its application is more and more.

Aluminum alloy truss excellent corrosion resistance and durability, related to iron truss, aluminum alloy truss is adopted 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, has excellent corrosion resistance, with a life of more than 10 years. But the use of trusses is also required, so long as the ability to ensure the truss has a longer life. The aluminium alloy truss is heavy and heavy, and its weight is much heavier than the traditional iron truss, and it saves a lot of manpower, material and time on construction and transportation.

In the selection of aluminum alloy truss, we should check whether the aluminum alloy truss can have welding plug. The inferior aluminum alloy truss has no such design, and when the end face is hit, it is prone to deformation, while the good aluminum truss has welding plug to strengthen the strength of the truss itself.

Because of the aluminum alloy truss is mainly supply performances using, thinking to the peace of staff performance, the choose and buy of the specifications of the aluminum alloy truss must check good product, and see whether stable fastening on various aspects of performance.

It is better to choose the suitable site before building the truss, and the boring aerial truss is better for trusses. When using truss, prevent it from contacting with acid chemical medicine, lest attack corrosion.

When using trusses, be careful to check the details of the device, check regularly, and sweep away any possible seizures.

With the continuous improvement of people's economy, people not only have higher requirements on the function of equipment, but also enhance their safety awareness. Therefore, the safety and quality of the aluminum truss is the first consideration, which is very important to the users.

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