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The Event Barricades And The Steel Barricades Is Different In Use

- Aug 16, 2018 -

The characteristics of the event barricades in the process of use are: aluminum alloy material, the overall is relatively light, about 31kg to 35kg according to different materials of the manufacturer, the event barricades police standard weight 32kg, impact resistance can reach the anti-vehicle The extent of the collision. As an industrial product, the materials used are quite important.


 If iron is used, the weight is large, but there is no particularly obvious improvement in impact resistance, and it is easy to rust, and the maintenance cost is high in the later stage. It is not recommended to purchase iron. The event barricades has a very obvious advantage in comparison with the iron horse in terms of thrust resistance. The installed anti-riot bar cannot be opened and moved, and the function of positive isolation and grooming can be realized. Disadvantages: The cost is high and it takes a certain time to arrange.

event barricades.jpg 

The characteristics of the steel barricades: the use of more profiles, the common materials are: aluminum alloy, stainless steel 304, iron. The reason for the structural materials is that the overall weight is small, the stainless steel is usually between 10kg and 20kg, and the iron is about 5kg. The installation is relatively simple, so it is also widely used in the scope of application. As long as the safety requirements are not high, steel barricades can be used. Disadvantages: Simple isolation, easy to push open, flipping can not be an important safety isolation.

steel barricades.jpg

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