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The Truss Equipment Main Point In The Projects

- Sep 14, 2018 -

Truss equipment connection method: The connection method of the truss is welded, common bolt connection, high-strength bolt connection, or riveting. Among them, truss welding is the most widely used. Ordinary bolted connections can be used for support systems and detachable structures, and high-strength bolted connections can be used for work-site connections for heavy-duty steel trusses. Riveting can be used on heavy steel trusses subjected to large dynamic loads, but there is currently a tendency to be replaced.


Truss height ratio: The height of the truss is mainly determined by economy, rigidity, transportation and use. Increasing the height of the truss can reduce the cross section and deflection of the chord, but increase the amount of the rib.


Truss web system: The truss is usually herringbone or single oblique. Herringbone web, its number of webs and nodes is relatively small, but sometimes in order to reduce the inter-section size, some of the vertical rods will be added. A single slanted web will cause the longer slanted rod to be pulled, while the shorter one will be stressed.


Stress characteristics of the truss: The section centroid axis of each truss member should meet at one point at the node. And because the rods are relatively thin, local bending moments should be avoided or reduced as much as possible when arranging the nodes. If the truss height and length values are large, then the secondary stress is also considered.


Truss support system: The truss can be horizontal support, vertical support, etc. If necessary, longitudinal horizontal support can be added between the lower end of the truss.


Truss arching: In order to offset the weight or load force, the truss equipment  is pre-arched during manufacture, generally with a degree of arching of one-fifth of the span.

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