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The Type Of Truss And Its Application Scope Are Analyzed

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Truss common sense

Chinese name: truss; English name: truss. The word "heng" is pronounced "heng", because the word "girder" is less used and mistakenly pronounced as "hang", hence the name "walking frame". The definition of trusses: the truss structure is supported by the joint of the rod through welding, riveting or bolting. It is called "truss".

Product classification of trusses.

1. Differentiate according to material.

1. Steel truss: the perfect combination of thick pipe and fine pipe, triangle and quadrilateral, with large rigidity, large span and magnificent shape.

2. Aluminum alloy truss: light, flexible, safe and reliable, optional combination, easy to disassemble and assemble, can be divided into three pipe truss, four pipe truss and other specifications.

2. Differentiate by shape.

1. Fixed truss: a strong one in truss, with high repeatability, the only drawback is high transportation cost. Products are divided into square tubes and round tubes. This kind of truss is a kind of high market share, which is also the product of senko.

2. Folding truss: the big advantage is that transportation costs are low and reusable. Products are divided into square tubes and round tubes.

3. Butterfly truss: a kind of artistic type in truss, beautiful shape, but similar to the folding truss, the damage rate of truss is higher.

Truss purposes

Are widely used in the annual party, opening ceremony, new products, exhibition display, image marketing promotion activity, truss structures, standard booth structures, video conference, conference, background wall structures, technology exchange meeting, wedding ceremony, the awards ceremony, cocktail parties, receptions, fraternity, training meetings, project signing ceremony, the annual distribution, large celebrations around the country, image promotion, BBS, celebration, government meetings, opening ceremony, opening, ribbon-cutting ceremony, fair, signings, promotions, etc.

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