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Two Key Points When The Truss System Space Truss Is Installed

- Aug 03, 2018 -

The truss can use a variety of materials in the production process. If you want to improve the function of the truss, you must use high-quality materials. The aluminum alloy is a metal material that has been combined with a variety of metals through special processes. It has many different functions. It has been loved by everyone. Aluminum alloy truss has also become a type of truss that is highly valued. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight and convenient transportation, and simple and quick installation method. So what should be paid attention to during installation?


The first thing to note is that the truss surface used must be smooth, not able to have unevenness, or some burrs or burrs. These are not only aesthetic problems, but mainly lead to installers. Hand scratches, all purchases should pay attention to the selection of the complete cut truss, to confirm and check again before installation, if there is burr, replace the truss, then apply a layer of paint on the damaged truss, place After a while, the top coat is dry and ready for reuse.


The second thing to note is to check the structure and shape of the truss system space truss. Due to the long-term use, the shape of the truss may be bent or broken. If it is used again, it will affect the use effect and accidents may occur. Check it before using it. Try to keep it level when installing, do not have a tilt angle to avoid accidents.


The third point to note is that when installing the truss system space truss, pay attention to the morphological structure. The trapezoidal structure is the most stable. In time, the stage of other shapes can be used. The trapezoid can be used as the basic figure. The stage after the combination of the trapezoidal structure will be more Safety.

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