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Welding Technology Is The Key To The Deformation Of Aluminum Truss

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The aluminum alloy truss is a common kind of equipment to build stage or booth in our life. It can be built according to the site, build the truss system of various kinds of large and medium sized different specifications, and also can be flexible combination according to specific requirement. Its use is more and more widely attributed to its many advantages. But any item in use will have a certain risk factor!

Truss structures, the stage at the request of truss is also compare high, must have sufficient rigidity, talents to ensure that the stage using the ping an, if truss quality is bad, easy to deformation, builds the stage compare and peace to the cast a lot of hidden trouble.

The truss itself is a large force metal structure, and this big guy has experienced countless casting and welding before forming. For example, in the middle of the welding at the bottom, the triangular or multi-angle trusses can be compared to the unevenness, or the weld phenomenon of the non-joint nodes. In order to reach the force uniform, these welds, which are rigid in themselves, follow the residual stress of the welding seam, which leads to the attack of trusses. After each welding, there will be a weld. These welds are not only scattered at the nodes of the strip, some of them are in the other center of the truss.

: a set of intact aluminum alloy truss system is mainly composed of a variety of different lengths, different specifications of the aluminum alloy truss and inclined support, base, the head, condole belt, square set, bottle gourd, cross arm to stop build combinations. It is a kind of system which is widely used in performance exhibition, event celebration, background arrangement, lighting and sound hanging system.

The metal bumps we see are not uniform in density, and some of the central masses are indeed "bloated". During the welding process, the high temperature will cause the welding end to be liquefied and the reaction will be cooled rapidly. So when you choose truss, you must carefully check whether their welding points are smooth, uniform, etc. This section of high temperature welding is found to be more or less irregular, and a lot of people see these solder joints from the naked eye like a metal knot, giving people a more solid illusion.

The aluminum alloy truss is lightweight, and the installation and disassembly is convenient for transportation. Its large span can reach more than 30 meters, and the anti-pressure and corrosion resistance of aluminum are extremely strong. So as long as you choose the high quality aluminum truss and the correct installation of the steps, then it will show us the perfect stage!

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