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What Are The Characteristics Of The Aluminum Stage?

- Dec 27, 2018 -

A.The aluminum stage is an assembled stage, which is a flexible quick-loading stage, easy to disassemble, light and easy to store. More durable and affordable.


B.Use high-quality non-slip plywood, with high strength, pressure resistance, non-slip, waterproof, sunscreen and so on. The thickness of the board is 18mm, which has excellent anti-slip performance: the surface layer is arranged in a certain colloidal granular shape to achieve rain-proof skid.

C.Suitable for indoor and outdoor fashion shows, celebrations, product launches, studios, and various dances. It is currently the most popular and popular stage.

D. The stage is convenient to store, has the characteristics of small size and easy transportation.


Over the years, our company has been providing customers with high-quality aluminum alloy stage products based on the customer first, quality first business philosophy.

aluminum stage system

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