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Xi'an City Wall International Music Festival, Stage Truss

- Jul 18, 2018 -

In the hot summer LAX and Xi'an International Music Festival and your enjoyment of the passion music festival can be said to be the standard part of the summer! The hot weather and the best music ignited the passion of this summer. Xi'an City Wall International Music Festival, a collection of rock, jazz, electronics, gypsy, retro minor, original ethnic music, etc.

event show.jpg

event stage lighting truss.jpg


The Xi'an City Wall International Music Festival, a music and audio-visual feast of rock, jazz, electronics, gypsy, retro tune, original ethnic music and other diverse styles, meets the fans in Xicheng City, Ximen City. As the theme of "Summer Shuang China·Xi'an" and "One City and Five Games" series, it is supported by Ruifeng's professional audio, which makes the event in full swing.

 stage truss.jpg

This time, Xi'an City Wall International Music Festival adopts the AT3212-V2 three-way three-drive dual 12-inch line array speaker and speaker, S218B dual 18-inch ultra-low speaker of Ruifeng's professional audio brand LAX.


24 lines of sound and 12 ultra-low speakers for large stadiums, mobile performances, theaters, clubs, etc.


This big outdoor concert stage system, is consist of,stage truss, lighting truss,event stage, crowd barrier, cable protection, line array speaker, and so on.


The professional sound design makes the festival more enthusiastic. The charm of the ancient city culture and the festival of the trend music are perfectly combined to give the local residents a unique sense of hearing.

 event stage.jpg

List the style of famous rock bands,

Strong electric sound, heavy rhythm,

Let the whole atmosphere get hot,

The charm of the scene will not lose to other music festivals!

Of course, the unique charm of the ancient city, the play of the Chinese style.


The melody of the melody seems to be around the entire ancient city for a long time.


Cool lighting and stunning sound effects,

Attracting local and even people from all over the world to watch,

The scene is very lively.


Personally feel that Hip-Hop has become mainstream now.

It seems that rock is even cooler, and young people like it too!

The most indispensable part is the handshake.

People at the scene are very happy to enjoy it.

Fever with the rhythm,

The lead singer and everyone shook hands to make the atmosphere of the scene rise directly to the climax.

 concert stage.jpg

Xi'an International Music Festival was held very successfully. The perfect combination of ancient city and music left a beautiful style for Xi'an. A super-burning performance has brought people from all over the world to re-focus on the ancient city of Xi'an, and more people have discovered its beauty.

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