Spider Stage System

Good usage spider stage system type.
Specification: 4ft by 4ft, customized.
Folding leg, save transport and store room.

Product Details

Product name: spider stage system

Platform: 18mm thickness anti - skid plate, or ordinary plywood, (can be carpeted above).

Stage board frame: 30mm thickness.

Bracket material: pipe diameter x thickness, 12mm x 2mm. (using high quality steel pipe, ABS plastic material, after hot galvanizing)

Stage specifications: 1.22mx1.22m, 1mx1m, can be customized.

Stage stairs size: 1.22m long, or 1m. 0.3m wide. There are 2,3,4,5 steps to choose from.

Stage height: Not adjustable, just fixed a height. The conventional height is 0.2m, 0.4m, 0.6m, and 0.8m, which can be customized.

Product load capacity: Each square stage can bear 500-600 kg.

Uses: Suitable for indoor banquet halls, exhibition halls, conference rooms, and other flat ground.

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Installation process

There is a round hole in the middle of the black plastic parts on the stage, which can be used to hold the stage board that is tiled above.

The method of connecting the supporting pipe of the net stage and the connecting member of the ABS, and the square pipe laid on the stage just stuck in the card slot of the ABS connector. The foldable spider stage system is a substitute for the traditional iron stage.

The spider stage is made of high-quality iron pipes and is strong and durable. The load-bearing is absolutely reassuring. The overall pull legs are galvanized and beautiful.

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Product packaging: flight case. With wheeled for easy transportation.

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Product advantages

A. Legs can be folded to save space and lighter weight.

B. The construction of the spider stage system is convenient, fast, stylish and durable, high-end atmosphere, more wear-resistant and more weight-bearing.

C. The volume is the smallest among many similar stages. Customers can use it flexibly. They can build a T-shaped catwalk stage, a square stage, a rectangular stage, and a variety of shapes.

D. The installation of a labor-saving and labor-saving stage of 100 square meters will take 20-30 minutes to complete the construction. It is a popular stage for people.

E. Powerful, fast installation, convenient transportation, and affordable price.

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