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Runway event stage lighting truss project

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Runway event stage lighting truss project

March 12nd ,2018 in China. This is a big fashion runway show which size cover an area of 3000 square meter. There are 2500 audiences watching this event show. 

This big runway show’s stage was made up by aluminum alloy truss (600mmx760mm, 400mmx400mm bolt truss types), event stage,bleachers seats, moving head lighting, line array speaker, etc. 

In this runway show, we can see lots of fashion clothes and clothing accessories. It can let you feel the fashion atmosphere , and what is popular styles nowadays.



Aluminum alloy truss popular usages in everywhere.

Many people don't really understand this kind of aluminum alloy lighting truss. At the same time, it is not very clear where this product should be used. In this case, we should still know about this. 

In fact, many people will notice the effect of the stage lights when they watch the show, because only after having a better lighting effect, the performance will give a more exciting feeling, so in this case, in fact, everyone is lighting the effect of the aspect can not be ignored or ignored. In the performance, you need to have an aluminum alloy lighting truss, because the role of this product is actually very wide, can not be ignored by everyone, there will be a lot of lights installed on the stage truss system, so everyone When choosing an aluminum alloy truss, you must choose good product that is better in quality, so that you can achieve better results.