Arch Roof Truss System

Lift height design, with a arch roof tent cover structure.
Size: span16m by width10m by height 8m, optional.
Arch roof truss systems with a good looking design and useful roof cover.

Product Details

Product name:Arch roof truss system.

Material: standard aluminum alloy 6082-T6, or 6061-T6.

Shape design: arch ,good type for events.

Truss size: length 12m by width 8m by height 8m , or customized.

Truss system accessories:truss, top section, spigot hinge, steel basement,motor hoist, sleeve block, belt, outrigger stabilizer, conical, pin,etc.


Aluminum alloy material, non - rust, long life.

Good welding procedure by 8 years experiences workers.

Flexible size and design for your different events.

Strong loading capacity, the truss system can support some lights and speaker on the truss for different events.

The truss system’s length, width and height can be extended using aluminum truss, it is a flexible design and size.Can meet your different events need.

System design

arch truss design drawing.jpg

Installation project

roof arch truss.jpg

We all know that the general used arch roof truss systemis mainly used in concert venues, dance halls, fashion performance halls, clubs and other entertainment venues. Many times, in order to expand the tabletop and increase the entertainment atmosphere, the stage can protrude from the main stage and level the plane with the main stage, allowing the performers to have more performance space, close to the audience, and achieve various special effects. Flexible and versatile trusses make it easy to use!

Nowadays, the used stage truss completely solves the problem of the disassembly and assembly of the traditional stage frame. Not only that, but it also has many unparalleled advantages of the old stage truss: for example, standardization of components; assembly in any combination; unconstrained by geographical environment, adjustable height, Arbitrarily assembled according to the size of the demand; the stage background is integrated, the maximum can withstand eight winds, regardless of the wind level, the stage will not be separated or collapsed; cheap and practical, cost-effective.

Our company

truss factory.jpg

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do HENGVEE Truss accept OEM or ODM order?

A: Yes, we welcome OEM and ODM order.

Q: What is your after-sales service?

A: Pay parts provided when product broken within one year.

Q: Do HENGVEE Truss accept customized logo order?

A: Yes, we can make logo on the truss as per the clients' requirements.

Q: What is the advantage that you are over others manufacturers?

A: As a professional manufacturer of Arch Roof Truss System, stage and other event products, We have 8 years experience in producing products at competitive price according to ISO9001 quality management.

Q: What is your product packaging?

A: Regular packaging is air bubble film.

Q: What is your MOQ ?

A:10 meter.

Q:What is your product warranty time?

A: 1 year.

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