Speaker Truss Stand

Speaker truss stand for line arrays speaker support usage.
Stand height customized: 5 to 8 meters.
Support 300 - 1000kgs speaker.

Product Details

Product Name: Speaker truss stand

Material: spigot truss type, aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6

Specifications: 390*390*2000mm, 390*390*3000mm

Main tube: Φ50x3mm

Sub tube: Φ25x2mm

Inclined tube: Φ25x2mm

Accessories: 1 pc V-joint, 2 pcs diagonal braces, 1 pc aluminum top section, 1 hoist 1T/8m with 1 pair of slings, 5 horizontal adjustment feet, 4 unions

speaker truss design.jpg


The aluminum alloy truss stand is mainly used for hanging sounds, line arrays speaker, audio, etc. when it is used for activities. Its advantage is that it is high-grade and beautiful. It only needs some conventional aluminum alloy trusses to be connected together, and only requires a few accessories. Easy to install and disassemble.

Speaker truss stand composition:

Speaker hanger consists of vertical pole, crossbar, diagonal pole and base. It is flexible in use and widely used. It can be built freely and infinitely extended.

speaker tower truss structure.jpg


The speaker truss stand is mainly used to hang the line array sound when doing activities. The height is generally 6m, 8m, 10m, and can be lifted by about 1T. Its advantage is that only some conventional aluminum alloy frames need to be connected together, and only Need very few accessories.

truss factory.jpg

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