Wedding Party Event Truss

Design and size which we can make as per your need.
Regular size: 8mx8m,customized.
Wedding party event truss make you wedding more beautiful and colorful.

Product Details

Product name:Wedding party event truss

Accessories: beam and pillar truss, sleeve block, top section, motor hoist, air belt, spigot hinge, steel base, outrigging stabilizer, and so on.

Truss material: aluminum alloy 6082-T6.

Type: lift tower height, can adjust the beam truss height. It is a flexible system for different events outdoor or indoor.

This system is very popular in many wedding events, it is a good looking , stable structure, can loading moving head light, speaker, etc.

You can extent the beam or pillar truss length use another trusses as per the safety usage loading capacity.

Size: customized as per your event site and need.

Warranty time: 1 year.

MOQ:1 set.


Light weight for easily to transport and store.

Resistant to heat, cold, moisture and corrosion

Easy conical connection system for quick set up

Tapered pins for easily to disassemble

Installment advice

Span1-12m: use 200mmx200mm, 250mmx250mm,290mmx290mm specification

Span12-16m: use 300mmx300mm,390mmx390mm,400mmx400mm,450mmx450mm


Span more than 20m:600mmx760mm,600mmx900mm,670mmx1010mm

Design drawing

Wedding Party Event Truss.jpg

Installation projects

outdoor event  truss.jpg  wedding party event truss.jpg

Our service

Provide the technical design and solutions.

New plant construction guidance.

Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment.

Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract.

Supply accessories.

Tech technical consulting and services.

China truss factory.jpg

Our company

truss factory.jpg

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is your after-sales service?

A: Pay parts provided once broken within one year.

Q: Do HENGVEE Truss accept OEM order?

A: Yes, we welcome OEM order.

Q: Do HENGVEE Truss accept customized logo order?

A: Yes, we can make logo on the truss surface.

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