Aluminum Roof Truss Design

Aluminum roof truss design with flexible sizes and types.
Size:12m by 8m, 16m by 10m, customized.
Aluminum alloy material, stable structure,long life.

Product Details

Aluminum roof truss design is widely used in many events.Such as,outdoor concert stage, food festival,temporary product promotion event, trade show, event tent truss structure, etc.

This truss system design with flexible size, our regular size is 12m by 8m, 16m by 10m, 20m by 12m, etc. We can make it according to your requirements. Event site and size.

Made up by aluminum alloy truss and PVC roof cover, can shade from both sun and rain. This is a good choice for outdoor event.

This truss system's accessories including: aluminum alloy truss, top section, manual hoist, sleeve block, spigot, steel base with wheels, connectors, etc. It is a stable and safe structure.

Design drawing

Project installation

In order to ensure that the truss can be widely used in practical engineering, there are some basic requirements.

In terms of product performance, the requirements for trusses are relatively clear, and it is the most basic with good strength, rigidity and stability. From the mechanical point of view, the shape of the truss should meet the requirements of uniform axial force distribution of the upper and lower chords, so as to save material use.

Moreover, the truss must also consider the requirements of various loads such as static force, wind power, and seismic force to ensure that the truss can maintain a stable support state when subjected to various forces. It can be seen that as a truss product used to construct various structures, it is necessary to have many basic requirements, otherwise it is difficult to apply it to practice.

Cooperation process

Our company

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you a manufacturer?

R: Yes, we are a manufacturer from GuangZhou City,China.

Q. What is your minimum order quantity ?

R:1 set.

Q. Can you develop products with our drawing?

R:Yes, PLS offer your drawing with technical requirements.

Q.What's your aluminum roof truss design product delivery time?

R: 5 - 20 days.

Q.What's the payment terms?

R: 30% - 50% deposit in advance, balance to be paid before delivery.

Q.How pack the products?

R: Air bubble film is regular packaging, carton is customized.

Q.What's your port of Shipment?

R: Huangpu port, GuangZhou city.

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