Column Truss Event System

Column truss event system for stage lighting.
Size:length 12m x width 10m x height 8m (customized size).
Aluminum alloy material, long life and save store space.

Product Details

Product name:column truss event system

Size: length 12m x width 10m x height 8m (customized size).

This is a flexible size, can extend beam and pillar truss under safety situation. You can install this system for indoor or outdoor events both.Set up this system use 4-5 people within 2 hours, save time.

This system’s material is standard aluminum alloy,light weight than steel material, non rust, long life advantage, save store and transport fees. It is a good choice for your event.

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Aluminum truss produce process

truss produce process.jpg

Our company

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Column truss brings convenience to event construction

The truss brings convenience to the construction. Although the construction process requirements of the truss are relatively strict, this can ensure that there will be no problems in the whole process. So what kind of convenience can such a truss bring to us?

First, in the process of performance, the truss must be distinguished by the sitting area and the performance area. This distinction also needs to highlight the performance area, so that everyone appreciates it is extremely convenient. 

Second, there is a small space in the performance area, except for the seat. It’s the performance stage, and having such a truss can help us sort out the order. Third, the quality of the truss is very good, the stage weight is very large, and there is no need to worry about it happening inside. Other problems, we can also be assured that it will not cause harm to the body.

The column truss event system brings us a lot of convenience, but also allows us to enjoy the best visual effects, the benefits are very much, you can use it with confidence.

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